Super Cane Magic ZERO

From the pen of comic book artist Sio comes the weirdest RPG

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Super Cane Magic ZERO is an action RPG game set in the wacky world created by the Italian cartoonist Sio, realized in collaboration with the game development team of Studio Evil. Thanks to the interest of Lucca Comics & Games and the crowdfuding platform Eppela, the game has been fully funded and it is going to be launched before the end of 2015.

When a the powerful wizard named Cake dies and his dog AAAAH! eats his magic cane, the world falls into chaos. Grass turns into lava, rocks into chocolate and even Internet goes super slow. The only hope to stop Doctor Malvagius who claims the power of the magic cane is Coso. A man so distracted that keeps living after he is killed and so patsy that he will believe everything people say. Like the time he believed a guy who told him grass was poisonous and then almost died walking on it! Can his unbreakable idiocy be the last hope for humanity?

Thanks to his ridiculous stupidity, Coso will be able to gain superhuman powers. Watching television, reading magazines or talking to strange people and madmen, Coso will end up believing many absurd stories. Once he will believe in something, it will become true within the game world.

Features in development

  • Meet, befriend and fight the characters from the crazy world of Sio
  • Three game modes, up to 4 local co-op players
  • Story mode, 7 areas of insane humour and unexpected encounters
  • Challenge mode, a procedurally generated dungeon full of hidden rooms and enemies to defeat
  • Arena mode, to challenge your family and friends in a local PVP
  • Collect items, throw them or eat them!
  • Be careful on what you believe: it will become true!

About the team

From their secret hole in Bologna, Studio Evil plans to conquer the world developing video games. The team works to create extraordinary titles with an arcade vibe. Among them Syder Arcade, a multidirectional sci-fi shoot 'em up, and the applied game Relive, a new way to inform and rise awareness about cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Sio was born at the age of six from a family of opossums. He invents Scottecs man, opens the comics blog Scottecs Comics in 2006 and starts publishing for Shockdom. He does cartoons, music and funny stuff on his Youtube channel "Scottecs". With Shockdom he published "Tutto Tutto Scottecs" and "Questo è un libro con i fumetti di Sio".

Early Access Release Date:
August 26th, 2015

Studio Evil and Sio

Steam Page:
Steam Early Access

Eppela Page:
Crowdfunding page

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Announced Platforms:
Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox One

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$19.99, €19.99



Selected Articles

"Most interactions in the game are done by throwing, so you throw keys at doors, and elderly people at monsters, and salami at everything."

Pocket Gamer
"If he believes that he can walk on lava, then he can. If he's feeling weak, he can believe that he has a second heart, and then he has one. Pretty neat if you ask me."

Random guy on NeoGAF
"The guy in the video needs to slow down lol"

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System Requirements Windows

  • Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Intel Core2Duo (2Ghz) or AMD equivalent or better processor
  • 2GB Available System Memory
  • 1GB Available Disk Space
  • Intel HD series 5000 (or better) or Discreet video card

System Requirements Mac

  • OSX 10.7.5 or better
  • Intel Core2Duo or better processor
  • 2GB Available System Memory
  • 1GB Abailable Disk Space


Simone "Sio" Albrigi
Art, Music, Story

Studio Evil Team
Code, Design, Art, Music